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Jiangsu Gsgt Aluminium Alloys Inc. which established in 2006 is one of leading producer/trading for auxiliary materials of aluminium alloy smelting for aluminium industry. The company is located in Taizhou city Jiangsu province which very near Chinese the most important economic and trade centre-Shanghai.

Gsgt has supplied products and materials designed to meet the specific demands of foundries, extrusion and casting plant around the world. These products are traditionally devided into a range of alloy tablets, grain refiner, master alloys, flux agent and alloy coatings. Our goal is keep the best quality and service to ensure the 100% satisfaction from the clients. Gsgt is a renowned company for its diversified materials with world class quality and excellent performance in the aluminium industry.

Our general manager Mr. George Hira have more than 25 years experience in the aluminium alloy industry who was graduated from MIT.

Our assistant general manager Mr. Mahesh having acquired great experience in International Trading for over 20 years. Gsgt has earned a reputation for solving complex trading problem for our all customers.

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      • AlTiB,AlTi,AlMn,AlCr,AlSr,AlSi,AlZr,AlV,AlCu,AlCo,Mn/Flux,Fe/Flux,Cr/Flux,Cu/Flux,Drossing agent,Covering agent,Degassing agent, BN Coating, Moulds
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      • 1510, 102 Zhongzhou Road,Taizhou Jiangsu Province
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      • 225300
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      • Thomas Hong
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      • Export Manager
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      • +86-157-2077 2317
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      • +86-523-8919 1095
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